An Open Letter To This News Article

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Article,

Wow. A lot going on with you. A list:

  • Do I have to like Ashley Tisdale if Louis C.K. is willing to let her be in a show he wrote? I’m going to be my own person on this and go with no. I’ve seen more episodes of The Suite Life than I am proud to admit and she is just too much to handle.
  • ABC is doing a drama pilot called Beauty and the Beast? Do none of the executives remember that Once Upon A Time, another ABC show just did a Beauty and the Beast story and it was super lame?
  • Does any of TV really need another “fantasy reimagining” show?
  • I had no idea there had been a pilot called Poe. I would have watched that. At least until I read that it was a police procedural starring Poe. Maybe it’s for the best that that didn’t happen.
  • CW is also doing a pilot called Beauty and the Beast? There are other fairy tales, you know.

I have learned so much today and it isn’t even noon.

Thanks a million.

Love, Amy