An Open Letter To Bravo

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Bravo,

MAKE THIS SHOW I WILL WATCH THIS SHOW. Please please please. For me and for all the other girls who either:

1. Went to see Beauty and the Beast on Ice and made their parents buy them those spinny flashlights with Bell and the Beast dancing on top OR

2. Had Alladin and Jasmine Barbie dolls and could already tell you the major plot points for that particular couple through at least five seasons.

Love, Amy

P.S. I did both.

P.P.S. Though I have to admit to you that I was never a Disney princess for Halloween. Ages 6 and 7 were the pink Power Ranger and Super Hero Barbie, respectfully, and if you would like to do a Real Housewives based on either of those characters instead of the Disney thing, I would be more than happy as well. You see, I was both a princess and a tough girl. Jill of all trades, that’s me.