An Open Letter To The Starbucks On Wilshire

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Wilshire Starbucks,

To clarify, you are the one by SAG and the E! building, not the one up by La Brea where I have gotten in a fight with a boy.

The only thing or person I have fought with at you is the prosciutto from the bistro box I had today, which I ripped apart with my bare hands like a starving cave woman. The bank account is getting low, so I’ve been using my Christmas Starbucks gift cards as lunch money lately. Here is what came in the bistro box you gave me today:

  • asiago cheese
  • that prosciutto
  • peppered salami
  • fancy crackers
  • a selection of olives
  • the smallest dark chocolate square I’ve ever seen

This hardly counts.

There were also a couple pieces of lettuce, but I didn’t eat them. Was I supposed to eat the lettuce? It looked weird. Anyway, it was a big day for you I guess because two guys in suits were gesticulating all over the place and muttering about the redesign of the “queuing bar.” Sounds like next time we meet you might have a fancy new look!

Thanks for the snacks and I’ll see you soon. Unless my gift card runs out. Then I’ll be at Trader Joe’s snacking on all the free samples I can get away with.

Love, Amy