An Open Letter To President Obama’s Bracket

by Amy Lindorff

Dear President Obama’s Bracket,

How are you doing? Do you have any upsets? I’m not going to pretend to know anything because of this conversation I had with myself yesterday:

“Oregon is a 3 seed? I thought Emily said they were on the bubble? What’s the bubble? Isn’t that when they might not get in? How could they be a 3 seed then… Oh that’s NIT.”

Clearly I am out of it, but the pres loves bball right? The real question I want answered is who filled in most of you? During the television broadcast of him making his picks, half of you was already filled in and there’s no way his handwriting changed that much overnight:Who is this person with the fancy handwriting and how do I steal her job (I’m assuming she’s female because I’ve never been able to read the handwriting of any guy I’ve ever known)? If Obama really wants to get America working, he can start by making me official presidential writer down of things that will appear on television. If he wants.

Love, Amy