An Open Letter To My Bedroom

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Bedroom,

WHOA GUY!!!!! How about the light in here today, am I right? It’s amazing that just by opening up the blinds a ton of light comes in. Who knew?! Add to that actually opening one of the windows (just a crack, we can’t get too crazy yet, gotta ease into change, am I right?) there’s fresh breeze blowin’ in from the alley, which surprisingly doesn’t smell like homeless people. How nice!

Only problem with all this light and fresh air is that it gives me this strange feeling, starting from within, making feel like I should get out of bed and maybe do something. I know, I know. Listening to the Smash soundtrack on Spotify and cuddling up with my blankets and pillows and the NYT Crossword Puzzle app is technically “something,” but now I’m feeling like, I don’t know, being in public or something. I’ve heard it’s something people do sometimes.

Please don’t be too worried about me while I’m gone. Enjoy the light and breeze and I promise to come back soon. I haven’t completely lost my mind. I still know that all that stuff in my Hulu Queue isn’t going to watch itself.

I’ll rejoin you later today with stories of far away lands like WeHo and Santa Monica and – try to not have a heart attack – Silverlake. You can try to tell me that Fonuts has LaMill coffee and is less than 100 steps away from you, but there’s something special about drinking it in it’s home.

Hold down the fort while I’m gone.

Love, Amy