An Open Letter To Mad Men’s Social Media Team

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Mad Men‘s Social Media Team,

You guys go all out, I’ll give you that. But last night things went a little too far for my taste:


What is this? College? Television is supposed to be fun and entertaining and full of scenes with Sally Draper and Roger Sterling being awesome and watching Pete’s slow demise and the new guy bitching about Megan owing him lunch money and watching Pete’s slow demise and, while we’re on the topic of Megan, Megan’s teeth.

My Sunday nights are supposed to be spent badgering Bridger about when I can come over to watch this magnificent show, not trying to remember everything that happened for a damn QUIZ. “Trivia game” sounds a little less intense, but now you’ve ruined it. Now we all know it’s really a quiz and everyone who scores under a certain acceptable level will wake up the following Monday morning to an angry letter from Don in the paper. We can’t take the pressure.

Love, Amy

P.S. Tell your friends in the promo department to keep up the good work. Stringing together 85 lines, all taken out of context really keeps us guessing.