An Open Letter To My “The Sims Families”

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Old Sim Families,

What happened to you guys? I played with you so much between 7th and 10th grades. Did any of you ever make it to the top of your career track without using one of the cheats? Did any of you ever achieve all your aspirations (including the “be saved from death” one I was always too scared to use?

I hope you’ve all been okay since I abandoned you in 2004. I always tried to take good care of you. Most of you were single gals focused on your career and growing prize winning vegetables, happy to find love if there was a not too unfortunate looking guy in the park or at the library.

If that game says anything about the player’s secret hopes and dreams, I guess mine are pretty clear. Now all I need is a new apartment with a patio where I can put a tomato plant. You all know what a great one I’d have if I could build one for myself like I did for you.

Good luck to you all. I hope all your children are “overachievers” and your pets live long, playful lives.

Love, Amy