An Open Letter To The Season Finale Of Mad Men

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Season Finale of Mad Men,

I cannot even begin to predict what you have in store. Lane already hanged himself, Pete got Rory Gilmore naked, and Peggy made her exit (I have some words for you about this below). Sally even “became a woman,” which prompted Betty to actually be a decent mother for the first time in possibly her entire life. What more could happen?

No matter what happens, the episodes that came before you this season were some of the best. Michael Ginsberg was one of my favorite new television characters since Chris Traeger came into my life via Parks and Recreation. This new kid from Mars really spiced things up this season. Not to mention all those snappy jackets. Though the highlight of the season (all of your forthcoming events excluded for now) might just have been watching Betty Draper eating Bugles. Those really are a great snack food. The only thing that could have been better would have been seeing her eat them one by one off her fingers, after using them as little finger hats, like all the pro snack eaters do.

So thanks for all the fun (Pete getting punched in the face was many different kinds of awesome), but let’s you and me get back to Peggy. It’s time for some serious talk about this issue. Peggy cannot be gone. It’s fine if she’s gone from Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, (is Pryce still in there, what with the hanging – how does all that work?) but she absolutely cannot be gone from the show for good. And I’m not interested in some kind of rare, cameo-style thing, where she shows up drunk once or twice a season to make everyone uncomfortable, like Duck did. You are the last episode of the season and I need you to have some Peggy news in store. Peggy keeps all those “gentlemen” in ties in balance. She also says things like “I’m Peggy Olson and I want to smoke some marijuana.” Has everyone forgotten that beautiful moment?

All I want from tonight is a little reassurance that there is more Peggy Olson out there in the future. I know you likely have a lot of tricks up your sleeve and I am ready to be dazzled and confused and have my mind blown, as always. But just a hint of where Peggy is headed would help put my mind at ease. Think about it. From you I go nearly straight into the final season of Breaking Bad. Only severely mental instability (of the absolute best kind) is going to come of that and we both know it. I need a few weeks of peace before that begins.

Love, Amy

P.S. All my fingers are still crossed for a spinoff and/or webseries called, I don’t know, something like “Roger Sterling Doles Out Life Advice To Sally Draper For Hours and Hours and Nothing On Television Has Ever Been Better.” That’s just a working title. Let me know if you have any better ideas.