An Open Letter To Edward James Olmos

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Edward James Olmos,

My DVR is one of my closest friends. But it almost betrayed me. It almost let me skip right over your latest television appearance without alerting me to your presence. Almost.

Thank the gods for Parks and Recreation, which I simply must watch in real time, commercials and all. And since it’s November, campaign ads and all.

When your Prop 38 ad came on, I had some very interesting thoughts all at once:

  1. Was it “that schoolteacher’s” dying wish that Adama spend an afternoon watching kids play wall-ball in support of funding for schools?
  2. Given what I saw in the few months I spent working for a nonprofit involved with LAUSD schools, I can easily believe that California is 47th in school spending.
  3. Is this a Stand and Deliver sequel?
  4. So, did the robots take over, or what?

Best of luck on election day, EJO. May we all be blessed with money for schools and information on where our food comes from.

So say we all.

Love, Amy

P.S. Ugh, remember Tori?

P.P.S. After two years of living in Los Angeles, I’ve seen both Anders’ and Helo’s handsome faces and upper body strength in person. Tell yer boy Apollo it’s his move.