An Open Letter To Cory & Topanga’s Daughter

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Cory and Topanga’s Daughter,

Not to overwhelm you, but Boy Meets World was one of the most important, formative television shows of my childhood a close second only to The Wonder Years (previously detailed here). Sure, I also watched Growing Pains and Sabrina and Clarissa Explains It All and Brotherly Love, but nothing could top Boy Meets World.

So hearing the news that you will be getting your very own show on Disney Channel has me wishing I was still thirteen and had space in my DVR to keep up with whatever lessons you’ll learn and hijinks you’ll get into.

I don’t know what it was exactly about Boy Meets World that made it so wonderful. Maybe it was that it was never too preachy, too “let’s learn a lesson,” or too over the top with the physical and/or ridiculous humor. It had the perfect blend of all of that. I sympathized when Cory went through his awkward looking phase. I missed Minkus when he left. I thought Mr. Turner was hot, despite the mullet. I KNEW Jack was hot because I had eyes. I welcomed Rachel and Angela into my life during the fantastic, whimsical college years seasons. I gladly suspended disbelief as Mr. Feeny went to college with them all, cried when Sean’s dad died and loved the comical, weird turn Eric took later on. I gladly accepted the wedding invitation your parents threw up on the screen. I even bought the DVDs when they were available.

I spent most of my time with your parents during reruns on the Disney Channel, afternoons from 3:30 to 4 in that magical half-hour between when I got home from school and when my dad got home from work. You know, when I was supposed to be practicing clarinet (hello, natural talent like mine didn’t need to practice). But I first met Cory and Topanga thanks to my friend Lauren, who introduced me to the TGIF comedy block on ABC. These days, ABC could probably use your show there, instead of on the Disney Channel. What a wasteland that’s become.

Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing is painful and Reba’s triumphant return to the small screen, on Malibu Country, might be even worse. ABC obviously knows how to find funny family-friendly shows (Modern Family and Suburgatory are great), but why LMS and Malibu Country are on the air will continue to baffle me.

I do hope your show happens for reals and though you’re going to be on Disney Channel and thus won’t save ABC Friday nights from the ruin they’ve become, I hope you will at least guide and entertain a new generation of viewers as your parents did for kids my age. And please know that if Will Friedle ever makes a guest appearance as your fun uncle, I’ll delete Gran Torino (we all know I’m never going to get around to watching that anyway) clearing some space in the DVR to record the hell out of that episode.

Love, Amy