An Open Letter To “My Cherie Amour”

by Amy Lindorff

Dear “My Cherie Amour,”

You are a weird little song. I can’t hear any part of you without thinking of Almost Famous and Kate Hudson having her stomach pumped in the bathtub.

But now, thanks to Danny Elfman and David O. Russell, I will shortly thereafter begin thinking of Bradley Cooper and Raisin Bran after a moment spent pondering Patrick Fugit’s bowl cut and how it made me in love with boys with weird hair for a stretch of high school.

Thankfully, there was also a lot of other great music in Silver Linings Playbook, like Girl From the North Country, some Led Zeppelin and Alabama Shakes. All it was missing was a vintage Elton John track and it would be right up there with Almost Famous in my favorite soundtrack list (a list that also includes Guys and Dolls, because I don’t care if Marlon Brando couldn’t really sing and they had to piece everything together one note at a time, GUY COULD WEAR A SUIT, OKAY?).

You happen to feature prominently in Silver Linings, further connecting the two films in my mind. That doesn’t mean I like you a whole lot, but I had to at least acknowledge your presence.

Can’t wait til our next meeting in a film I really like.

Love, Amy