An Open Letter To AT&T U-Verse

by Amy Lindorff

Dear AT&T U-Verse,

We have three issues to resolve:

  1. In July I was promised a $100 gift card from you if I kept my service for 30 days. It’s now December and I’m still filling my DVR with movies I’ll never watch and Lifetime remakes of the classics, so pony up – I’ve got my eye on a dress at Nordstrom Rack.
  2. In October you sent me a $10 gift card thanking me for my 6 months of loyal service (apparently you can’t count from July to October, which is troubling). I appreciate the gesture, but after I activated it and tried to buy a bunch of mini pies at Simple Things it was declined. Let’s work together to solve this problem.
  3. My final issue has a more relaxed deadline. By the start of the 2013 college football season, I’d appreciate if you could please carry the PAC-12 Network so I can watch my handsome, Hawaiian boyfriend Marcus Mariota and the Oregon Ducks – and not just during the weeks their games air on ESPN.

Thanks so much. Hugs and kisses all around.

Love, Amy