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An Open Letter To ModCloth’s Cartography Degree Dress

Dear Cartography Degree Dress,

The geography minor in me wants to love you so, so much, but the part of me that doesn’t want to wear a sack can’t summon the emotion. A great idea squandered. Maybe in another life.

Love, Amy


An Open Letter To Michael Kors

Dear Michael Kors,

I’m sure you didn’t mean this, and there are plenty of differences between the two, but this dress (left) from your Spring 2012 collection reminded me an AWFUL LOT of Josh M.’s dress (right) from the Project Runway finale:




Just saying.

Love, Amy

An Open Letter To Emma Stone’s Lanvin Dress

Dear Emma Stone’s Lanvin Dress,

Heyyyy. I’m really sorry you had to go to a premiere of The Help. I don’t care what Rotten Tomatoes or anyone says, that was a terrible, terrible movie. BUT, you got to hang out in Hamburg, which I bet was awesome. I will get to Germany someday for sure.

I promise to always smile and never make this kind of bitch face when I am wearing you.

At least one site I saw said that they didn’t feel like you were Emma’s best look. They are probably right because you would look best on me. I have plenty of room in my closet and it doesn’t matter that we won’t really have anywhere to go. It will be enough that we are together. Plus, another person I know will surely get married in the next few years so I’ll need something nice to wear. You’re just such a lovely color and I am loving your bodice.

I want you even more than I want these Prada Booties. And I want those shoes A WHOLE LOT. Come live in my closet please.

Love, Amy

An Open Letter To Jason Wu

Dear Jason,

Heartfelt thanks for making 2011 the year I found a dress for New Year’s Eve before Labor Day weekend.

Love, Amy

An Open Letter To This Rag And Bone Dress

Dear Rag and Bone Dress,

I saw you at the Barney’s in the Grove yesterday and need you in my life. Let me know when you go on sale.

Love, Amy