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An Open Letter To Taylor Kitsch

Dear Taylor,

Every morning I go to King’s Road. Except last Tuesday. That morning, I was busy and of course, it was the one morning you decide to go. My cousin-roommate, Dustin saw you there and told me all about it, but it just isn’t the same as seeing all your handsome in person.

Tim Riggins was my biggest television crush since I was five and obsessed with Kevin Arnold from The Wonder Years and Friday Night Lights continues to be my favorite drama of all time. I know you were probably only at King’s because you have a big movie coming out and your publicist probably thought there’d be paparazzi nearby, but on the off chance that you fell in love with the coffee and plan on coming back, I really hope to see you. Though it might be for the best. I’m sure I would have embarrassed myself.

Love, Amy


An Open Letter To Kyle Chandler

Dear Kyle,


You are awesome and finally the Emmys made it official. I have previously documented my love for Friday Night Lights and you were a big part of why it was such a fantastic show. I could barely watch most of the Emmys because I cannot stand Jane Lynch, but your category was one of the few parts I didn’t fast forward through. I never would have thought that you would have won, not because you weren’t consistently incredible (you were), but because Friday Night Lights rarely got anything and I didn’t believe enough in the Emmys to trust that it’d start now. Also everyone seems to think that Jon Hamm is the second coming. Which he was in Bridesmaids, but not last season on Mad Men.

But none of that matters now because last night the world was told that you are the best. Thank you for being a part of a wonderful show and doing your job so well. Without Dillon, Texas, I am not sure I would have made it through my last term of college. Congratulations again, and I loved that as an added bonus, Minka Kelly got to present your award (though I’m a little bit upset with her about this Charlie’s Angels business). Enjoy the win and I hope whatever you do next is just as enjoyable and perfectly done as Friday Night Lights was.

Love, Amy

An Open Letter To The Emmys

Dear Emmys,

Last year, I wrote an article about who I thought should win the Emmys so let’s do that again:

  • Outstanding Drama Series (Boardwalk Empire/Dexter/Friday Night Lights/Game of Thrones/The Good Wife/Mad Men): I only saw a few episodes of Boardwalk Empire. They were somewhere in the middle and I had no idea what was going on. It didn’t seem terrible though. Dexter was ruined thanks to Julia Stiles. Game of Thrones and the Good Wife are mysteries to me and Mad Men ended all ridiculous with Don’s engagement. That leaves Friday Night Lights. I spent my final term of college watching FNL instead of going to class and good lord was it worth it. The fifth season was television perfection and if it doesn’t win, I might cry even more than I did at the series finale.
  • Outstanding Comedy Series (The Big Bang Theory/Glee/Modern Family/The Office/Parks and Recreation/30 Rock): I only care about two things in this category. 1. Glee wins NOTHINGITISSOTERRIBLEWHYDOPEOPLEWATCHIT. 2. Modern Family and Parks and Recreation share the win because choosing between them is what I imagine choosing a favorite child would be like.
  • Outstanding Actor in a Drama (Steve Buscemi/Kyle Chandler/Michael C. Hall/Jon Hamm/Hugh Laurie/Timothy Olyphant): Kyle Chandler. Duh.
  • Outstanding Actress in a Drama (Kathy Bates/Connie Britton/Mireille Enos/Mariska Hargitay/Julianna Margulies/Elisabeth Moss): Connie Britton. Also duh.
  • Outstanding Actor in a Comedy (Alec Baldwin/Steve Carell/Louie C.K./Johnny Galecki/Matt LeBlanc/Jim Parsons): LOUIE. Have you watched that show? Louie. Louie. Louie.
  • Outstanding Actress in a Comedy (Edie Falco/Tina Fey/Laura Linney/Melissa McCarthy/Martha Plimpton/Amy Poehler): “Hello everyone, I’m Leslie Monster.” Just give it to Amy Poehler she’s so great.
  • Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama (Andre Braugher/Josh Charles/Alan Cumming/Peter Dinklage/Walton Goggins/John Slattery): The only one of these names I can place in a show is John Slattery and he is not my favorite of the Mad Men, so do what you want, Emmys.
  • Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama (Christina Baranski/Michelle Forbes/Christina Hendricks/Kelly MacDonald/Margo Martindale/Archie Panjabi): I love Margo Martindale in everything I’ve seen her in so even though I only saw half an episode of Justified she should probably win.
  • Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy (Ty Burrell/Chris Colfer/John Cryer/Jesse Tyler Ferguson/Ed O’Neill/Eric Stonestreet): If it can’t be Nick Offerman, then it has to be Eric Stonestreet. Though Ty Burrell still has my favorite Modern Family quote of all time: “Why do I have to see a French movie, I didn’t do anything wrong!”
  • Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy (Julie Bowen/Jane Krakowski/Jane Lynch/Sofia Vergara/Betty White/Kristen Wiig): If you’re going to give Kristen Wiig an award, it should be for Bridesmaids not SNL. Julie Bowen must be rewarded for being still being able to carry on as a human, let alone a very funny one, after suffering through the role of Mrs. Dr. Jack Shepherd.
  • Outstanding Variety/Music/Comedy Series (The Colbert Report/Conan/The Daily Show/Late Night With Jimmy Fallon/Real Time With Bill Maher/SNL): I have never watched a clip of Fallon and though anything other than ‘wow, that was sort of amazing.’
  • Outstanding Reality Competition Program: (The Amazing Race/American Idol/Dancing With the Stars/Project Runway/So You Think You Can Dance/Top Chef): TOP CHEF. They make beautiful food and manage to do it without coming off as ridiculously staged and over produced like most other reality shows, cooking themed especially (Gordon Ramsay I am looking at you).
  • Outstanding Reality Program (Antiques Roadshow/Deadliest Catch/Hoarders/Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List/Mythbusters/Undercover Boss): Mythbusters. Why is anything else even nominated?
  • Outstanding Host – Reality Show/Reality Competition (Tom Bergeron/Cat Deeley/Phil Keoghan/Jeff Probst/Ryan Seacrest): I don’t like any of these people. Sorry.

I’m not going to say anything about the Miniseries business because the only one of those I saw was The Kennedys. I made it through two episodes and it was awful. As long as they don’t get any awards I’ll be happy.

Love, Amy

An Open Letter To ‘Friday Night Lights’

Dear Friday Night Lights (and Dusty maybe don’t read this until you have finished watching at least season 3),

This past Thursday I watched The Office (are TV shows italicized like book titles? Do I care right now? No? Good.) for the first time since season 4 ruined EVERYTHING. It was going fine, a few laughs here and there, but nothing special. Then something magical happened. A promo for season 5 of you came on.


I had heard a few things a while back that you were going to be coming back for a final season, but didn’t know that April 15th would be the day. And what a day it was.

See, I’m not sure if you remember our brief meeting in early February. At the time, I was finishing my last term of college at the University of Oregon. Seasons 1-4 of you and I spent midterms week together. It was honestly the most intense relationship I have ever had with a television show. I watched you all weekend, and then all the time when I wasn’t at work (HI, RPM!!!!!) or in class or asleep. I did absolutely no homework or reading so deep was my instant love for you. (Sub-Open Letter To My Mom: I still got a 3.56 GPA so you aren’t allowed to be mad and/or disappointed. Love, Amy) Ecopoetry could WAIT – the town of Dillon had real problems going on that I needed to see through to their resolution. Because television is obviously a real-time interactive thing and it was essential that I personally make sure that Matt Seracen was going to be okay.

I’m still not really sure how to accurately describe my infatuation with you. Your characters are rich and developed and your stories are always compelling and seem soooo reallllll (except for when Landry killed that guy and got away with it. I mean, what?). It also doesn’t hurt that Tim Riggins is a thing.

So imagine my excitement when I learned that within 24 hours, I would be able to watch a brand new episode of you. And it had everything! Buddy Garrity Buddy Garrity-ing, Tim Riggins being all broken and sad, Coach Taylor being awesome, Tammi trying to save the world one Dillon teenager at a time, some classic Grandma Seracen moments, even a Crucifictorious (I am not even trying to spell that correctly) concert! You, Friday Night Lights (again, I am just italicizing away over here, sorry if it’s supposed to be quotes or something), are perfect and always will be.

Except that maybe I wouldn’t mind if there was less Billy Riggins involved in all this. And by maybe I mean: definitelypositivelymakehimgoaway.

Love, Amy

PS: I laugh audibly every time Coach Taylor calls Landry “Lance.” EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I have no idea why I find that so hilarious, but I do.