Open Letters Love Amy

Because the Internet is easier than buying stamps and I will just lose your zip code anyway.

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An Open Letter To Whoever Searched This

Dear Whoever Searched This,

While I totally get your curiosity and have made this search myself, you might double check your subject-verb agreement.

Love, Amy


An Open Letter To Google Chrome

Dear Google Chrome,

On Wednesday I got PISSED OFF at Firefox and uninstalled the hell out of that jerk. You and I have been getting along great but if this is any sort of sign of things to come we are going to have to have a frank discussion about our relationship moving forward:

Do you see that full complement of wireless bars? I am set. All the other websites are loading just fine. Please figure it out, I am trying to fill out that bookmarks folder labeled “SHOPPING.”

Love, Amy

An Open Letter To The Internet

Dear Internet,

If I don’t sign this will I no longer be able to write about nail polish and television and my fave designs from Project Runway? That would be no good.

Love, Amy

P.S. Looks like somebody wrote quite the Open Letter:

An Open Letter To People Who Keep More Than One Browser In Their Dock

Dear People Who Keep More Than Once Browser In Their Dock,

One will do the trick I believe. Are you keeping all of them (Chrome, Safari, AND Firefox) down there for ‘technical computer software hardware I hope one of these words is right’ reasons or do you just have commitment issues? Long ago, I went with Firefox because it had the cutest icon. You should probably follow my lead. It is a VERY good system.

Love, Amy

An(other) Open Letter To Joan Cusack

Dear Joan,

I owe you big time. The number views this blog gets from people who search for “joan cusack working girl,” or “joan cusack hair working girl” is ASTRONOMICAL. It makes up probably a third of total traffic. So thank you for having AMAZING hair in that movie (which I genuinely like – it is actually one of my favorite movies) and for being generally awesome across the board.

Love, Amy