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An Open Letter To This News Article

Dear Article,

Wow. A lot going on with you. A list:

  • Do I have to like Ashley Tisdale if Louis C.K. is willing to let her be in a show he wrote? I’m going to be my own person on this and go with no. I’ve seen more episodes of The Suite Life than I am proud to admit and she is just too much to handle.
  • ABC is doing a drama pilot called Beauty and the Beast? Do none of the executives remember that Once Upon A Time, another ABC show just did a Beauty and the Beast story and it was super lame?
  • Does any of TV really need another “fantasy reimagining” show?
  • I had no idea there had been a pilot called Poe. I would have watched that. At least until I read that it was a police procedural starring Poe. Maybe it’s for the best that that didn’t happen.
  • CW is also doing a pilot called Beauty and the Beast? There are other fairy tales, you know.

I have learned so much today and it isn’t even noon.

Thanks a million.

Love, Amy


An Open Letter To Louis CK

Dear Louis CK,

I didn’t think Parks and Recreation could get any better, but oh my god you are making my dreams come true.

Love, Amy

An Open Letter To Hadley Delany

Dear Hadley,

Tonight is the season finale of Louie and that’s disappointing for many reasons. Perhaps the most disappointing reason is that it’s going to be a while before you, as Louis C.K.’s daughter Lily, are back on my television being awesome and adorable.


Almost every time you are on screen, you make me laugh. You’re also a total badass! You did a great job protecting your dad and sister from that guy trying to scare you on Halloween.

As far a children on television go, you might be the best one of all time, and I’m including Fred Savage from The Wonder Years in that. In addition to saving the day on Halloween, my favorite Lily moments are from the Country Drive episode. Hilarious. Louie in general is a great show and probably deserved to be nominated for an Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy. It’s one of the many TV seasons that I watched all the way through instead of studying during my last term of college (season 1 was all that had been released at the time, but I had Friday Night Lights, The Larry Sanders Show and Dexter to keep me plenty busy anyway) and there are a lot of things I love about it, but you are definitely near the top of that list.

Also, you’re above Andy Richter and Christie Brinkley on IMDb’s STARmeter, so I guess I’m not the only one who loves you. Stay adorable.

Love, Amy

An Open Letter To FX

Dear FX,

How dare you move tonight’s episode of Louie to 11 instead of 10:30. You know no one actually wants to watch two episodes of Wilfred, right?

Love, Amy