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An Open Letter To Seattle

Dear Seattle,

I flew out of LAX on Sunday, December 18 very early in the morning knowing that I wouldn’t be back until January 3 and all I could think about was how I was going to survive that long without being able to walk to Plancha.

I needn’t have worried.

Let’s take a brief photo journey:

Salad with vegetables from Pike Place Market

Apple Cobbler French Toast, Portage Bay Cafe

Pumpkin Spice and Double Chocolate, Mighty-O Donuts

Buford T. Justice, Honey Hole

Thai Peanut Bowl and Lentil Burger, Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe

Roasted Crimini Mushroom and Truffled Cheese Pizza, Serious Pie






















The only thing better than all of that is that I shared it all with my BFF, Erin. She has lived in you for a while now and I understand why she loves you so much. It isn’t just the food. It’s the parks and the trees and the water and the way the sky looks and the outdoor activities and the bookstores.

I had a great time and didn’t miss Plancha one bit. See you soon.

Love, Amy

P.S. I didn’t even mind that my flight was delayed two times, meaning I woke up at five AM for pretty much nothing because by the time we finally flew out the view I had of you and your bodies of water was IN. SANE. Stay beautiful.


An Open Letter To Black Friday

Dear Black Friday,

Here is what I have purchased today:

    • a sandwich at The Oaks Gourmet
    • an iced coffee at King’s Road.

    Nothing was on sale, but all of it was totally worth full price.

    Love, Amy

    P.S. There is a 90% chance that “two Tiger Tacos on flour from Plancha” will be added to this list in a few short hours.

An Open Letter To Taco Bell

Dear Taco Bell,

Remember The Magic School Bus? They were books about a school bus that would take the students on magical and educational field trips. Once they went to outer space, once into a hurricane, etc. This would teach the reader something about the subject but in a fun way! I loved these books as a child. Then they made it a TV show, which I also loved. One episode made a distinct impression on me. I had read the book version of it too, but the animation made it all the more memorable. That episode was called “Inside the Human Body.” The school bus, and students, got trapped inside of student Ralphie, who was home sick.

Eventually, the class reached a point where they had learned enough and needed to get back out of Ralphie. How did they do this? By making him throw up. Because that is how things get out of humans when they don’t belong.

For example, say that I was to go to your location on Beverly near La Cienega and pick up one of those flatbread things you have for 99 cents because I am more and it was all I could afford for lunch that particular day. Say this day was yesterday. It is possible that after eating this I would not feel so great. I have never had problems with you in the past but yesterday something was clearly wrong. Then it is not just possible, but highly likely that multiple food poisoning symptoms appeared and necessitated an embarrassing CVS run (which is saying something since I am the girl who once bought tampons, a frozen pizza, and two bags of candy at that same CVS). So thank you, Taco Bell for the food poisoning. That was a blast. I had never had it before and since I would never like to ever have it again, I will no longer be eating at your establishment. As fun as it was to think about The Magic School Bus again, I would have preferred say, to go snorkeling and remember the book when they visited the ocean floor. It’s probably for the best though. Now I will never again succumb to you and that jalapeno cheese sauce you put on everything. I’ll give all my Mexican food money to Plancha, a place that really deserves it.

Love, Amy

An Open Letter To Bridger Winegar

Dear Bridger,

Thanks for meeting me for dinner at Plancha tonight. Double bonus thanks for driving me home. It’s a long block and a half walk riddled with creepy old men in the alley. It was so great to chat about how splendidly everything is going for both of us! Glad we’ve both reached a place in our lives where we have no complaints or difficulties. Let’s do it again soon, but instead of Plancha let’s have sandwiches.

Love, Amy

P.S. Kissing contest on Bachelor Pad tonight!! You better watch because I want to text the whole time!! Mike and Holly!! omg lol l8r

An(other) Open Letter To Plancha

Dear Plancha,

I’m sorry I caused so much confusion yesterday when I came in. I know I deviated from the usual routine and got a burrito instead of two tiger tacos on flour, but come on. Sometimes a girl wants to try something new. It doesn’t have to be a whole big thing. Relax a bit. I’m flattered that you guys know me so well, but saying “we only have a phone order for a burrito, that can’t be you” just makes me feel bad. And fat.

Though I will probably be coming in for dinner tonight so have those tacos ready. See you at 6:15.

Love, Amy

P.S. I might as well just get all these feelings out of the way and take the time to say that I was also a bit hurt that day I came in and ordered four tiger tacos. They weren’t all for me. Two of them (and the Mexican Coke) were for a friend so that judgy look was unnecessary. I’d threaten to stop coming in but we both know that isn’t going to happen.